New RSPM Formula

Just in time for the NBA Finals, I’ve taken a look at the RSPM formula and made some changes that I think will improve it a lot.

My frustration with the old numbers was that they didn’t add up at the team level. For example, the Indiana Pacers were a +4 team in the regular season, but the RSPM numbers were indicative of a league-average team.

I’ve changed that by introducing raw plus-minus as an element in the formula. By doing so, I’ve constructed the RSPM formula so that the individual player ratings do add up to a team’s level of performance.

The result are what I believe to be much more accurate player ratings. Check them out here if you want them ranked by RSPM, or here if you want them sorted by team.

Tomorrow, I’ll have an NBA Finals preview, complete with RSPM ratings and my prediction for how the series will go. See you then!


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