Week 3 NFL Rankings

The Thursday night game is underway and already Kansas City is up 10-0… so you’ll have to take my word for it that one of my picks against the spread was Kansas City +3.


1. Denver – great QB, D will be even better when Miller/Bailey return

2. Seattle – have to move them to tier 1 after dismantling San Francisco


3. San Francisco – the Seattle game was closer than the final score would indicate

4. Green Bay – offense is doing just fine despite injuries to the O-line

5. New England – only one more game until Gronk is back


6. Houston – defense is struggling for some reason


7. Cincinnati – suddenly the best team in the AFC North

8. New Orleans – Brees is great but needs to cut down on the awful turnovers

9. Atlanta – good QB, great offense, suspect D

10. St. Louis – would have taken Atlanta to overtime if not for a fluky pick-six

11. Washington – RG3 will improve but defense is a total mess

12. Pittsburgh – defense is too good to be one of the NFL’s worst teams


13. Kansas City – has a sneaky good defense, competent QB helps too

14. Dallas – Romo was lucky to not throw three picks against KC

15. NY Giants – will be competitive when they don’t turn it over 4.5 times per game

16. Arizona – solid team, should not have been the underdog at home vs. Detroit

17. Baltimore – won’t get to play Cleveland’s offense every week

18. Carolina – talented team held back by bad head coach


19. Miami – not buying the hype yet, let’s see how they do against tougher opponent

20. San Diego – offense has come alive but defense remains an issue

21. Detroit – average/good QB, below-average D

22. Tennessee – ceiling is limited with Locker at QB

23. Chicago – 2-0 but both close games at home

24. Minnesota – going nowhere if QB/defense don’t improve


25. Philadelphia – Chip Kelly offense is great but defense remains horrid

26. Buffalo – Manuel has shown enough in first two games to upgrade them

27. Indianapolis – Luck can’t do it all, Richardson won’t help much

28. Tampa Bay – 17 points isn’t enough in today’s NFL

29. NY Jets – Smith isn’t remotely ready to play QB in NFL

30. Cleveland – playing Hoyer and trading Richardson is basically tanking


31. Oakland – defense has been decent enough to move out of tier 9


32. Jacksonville – hopefully we’ll finally see the QB everybody’s been waiting for… Ricky Stanzi


My picks against the spread were 7-8-1 last week. They would have been 8-7-1 if I had stuck with my numbers on the Minnesota-Chicago game. It’s too late for that now. Overall I’m at 12-18-2, time to improve:

Kansas City +3 at Philadelphia – Philadelphia’s week 1 win over Washington doesn’t look as good now as it used to

Cincinnati +2 vs. Green Bay – Packers have the better offense but Bengals have the better defense, 50-50 game in Cincinnati

St. Louis +4 at Dallas – I still think the Rams are underrated until proven otherwise

San Diego +3 at Tennessee – Correct line but San Diego as the underdog was cheaper

Minnesota -5.5 vs. Cleveland – Hoyer starting for the Browns at the dome can’t be a good thing

New England -7 vs. Tampa Bay – I can’t believe the Patriots receivers will keep dropping so many passes

Arizona +7.5 at New Orleans – Saints are the better team but Cardinals can keep it close with decent passing game and ballhawk D

Washington -1.5 vs. Detroit – Let’s see the Redskins score points in the first half for a change

Carolina -1.5 vs. NY Giants – Newton should have a resurgence against New York’s mediocre D

Baltimore +2.5 vs. Houston – Texans are good but not good enough for me to believe they should be a favorite at Baltimore

Atlanta +1.5 at Miami – Dolphins aren’t bad but I still have doubts about Tannehill

NY Jets -2.5 vs. Buffalo – If Manuel looks good against the Jets D then Buffalo might be a surprise team this year

San Francisco -10.5 vs. Indianapolis – Struggling dome team goes to San Francisco against angry 49ers. How bad can it be?

Jacksonville +19.5 at Seattle – Jaguars can lose 27-10 and they still cover the spread

Pittsburgh +2.5 vs. Chicago – Let’s see the Steelers break through the 10-point barrier

Oakland +14.5 at Denver – Raiders defense has been decent enough that they can keep this within two touchdowns


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